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nocturnal painting

Another painting from the winter park/polasek museum paint out. Night painting is nothing new but as in the previous post I was looking for something a little different so I thought “Hey what about a night scelate-night-parkavene?”. Not having a portable light system I was limited to what was available, and what one looks for in available is a light source that is as close to neutral or daylight-cool as possible as well as a view to paint. Orange colored street lights absolutely kill the color, neutralizes the cools and the warms both so you really have no idea what you are getting. I found this scene and several like it on Park Avenue so I set up after the sun had gone to bed. The nice thing about painting at night is that the lights generally don’t change too much unless someone turns one off. The down side is you are exposed to drunk people and various nefarious types, so use your head when picking a location. This was a 12×16 that took two visits just because I needed to go to bed… but I liked the way it turned out. In a related topic I spoke witha friend about how to set up a good portable light that illuminates both canvas and palette and have now, in theory solved the riddle. All I need is a car battery, an inverter with an outlet and a stand up lamp. Probaly could use a 60 watt daylight balanced coil light that doesn’t draw much juice. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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antiquesMaybe a few of you are wondering where the final installment is on the demo. It’s coming, I’ve been somewhat side tracked by a local paintout. Trying to get paintings done, juggling commissions and family, I’ve only gotten 4 done. But one thing I’ve learned with these things is that quality trumps quantity. My goal for this show (opens this saturday nite, the 2nd, at the Polasek Museum in Winter Park) is to do good work, and not just throw a ton of stuff at it. So I thought I’d put this one up. I figured a lot of people would be painting scenes of winter park and the gardens at the Polasek (which are stunning right now, by the way) so I thought I’d do something different. I usually seek out these kinds of places for paintings. This store on Park Ave called Antiques on the Avenue is a treasure trove, I have never seen so many quality antiques in one place. So many in fact that there’s nowhere to stand. I set up in one of two available places, a little 2’x3′ alcove by the front window. It gave me nice ambient light all day and allowed me to be the resident greeter too.

Most times I’m all about simplifying but this piece was about stuff and a lot of it. It was the assortment of lights that got me, the subtle shifts of color from one to the next against the darks in the foreground. It was also about pattern vs rest. There are two places in the painting that are intentionally devoid of stuff so that all that busy has something to play off of. I also posted a pic of the place so you can see what a camera cannot get. The midtones and shadows are good but the subtleties in the lights are washed out. Makes a good case for painting from life. By thw way, this painting is 16×20 and was a two tripper for a total of about 6 hours painting time.

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