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new stuff

A couple of new 30×30’s I painted in the studio for my gallery in Carmel. I decided to do a series in one size for a number of reasons; interchangable frames and the size consistency would be good presentation on the wall. While I like my studio paintings, I do find that I have a tendency to noodle and get a little more detail than I really want. Sort of lose that looseness that I like in the field. However I do like these or I wouldn’t post them. Elkhorn Slough (above) is a beautiful salt marsh just north of Monterey. You kind of have to know where it is in order to find it. It looks a little like a florida marsh except with rolling hills and amazing trees and atmosphere and the Pacific right around the corner. I painted this from a pastel study I did last year. If find that when I do the studies in pastel, different things happen with the color and it makes for good reference. Of course I also had a shot up on the computer that looked completely different but had the shapes of things.

Garrapata¬† (the one with the rocks) is a state park to the south of Carmel in Big Sur. You could drive by this spot and never see it from the road. Even though the Pacific Coast Highway goes by this spot within about 200 yards of the ocean, you have to pull over and hike down to this place. Getting down to sea level is a tad dicey with all the paints but once you are there, it’s like magic. Vastness abounds. These two big rocks have been painted by everyone, including me. I’ve done several studies of this area during the annual CArmel event and have painted all through this area and walked down every path. It’s about as inspring as you get. Garrapata, I am told, is spanish for little tick which is a bit of a misnomer because the ticks there are big enough to take your wallet. You have to watch for two things there, the ticks and the poison oak. After a day of trudging through the area I found a not so little tick in my underwear in a precarious place during my weekly shower. Nearly fainted. No ticks in my studio though. One rat but he’s in rat heaven now.


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little gems

The small paintings we do are often referred to as little gems. Whether they are or are not is up to you to decide. Here are three small paintings I did for the annual christmas open house. All are 8×10 and done in the studio looking at the computer for reference, but painted in the same way I would paint something outside. They are loose and I like ’em that way. If I could pull off this feel on a larger scale I would be happy. There is something about doing small quick works with little fussing that can be quite satisfying. JoeBob says check it out.

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