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My last post

Here anyway. I’m happy to let you, my tens of readers, know that I have a new website. It was designed by a great kid (Corey Hickey), and I can call him a kid because he is about a third of my age. It has the blog, a bunch of new paintings and some old stuff that I still like, it’s simple and easy to view on computers and smart phones alike. For those who are curious, it’s still goes through WordPress, God love em, but it’s hosted by someone else. It’s a custom site, not a template. And it’s at the same old address www.larrymoorestudios.com  though you may have to clear your cache to see it and don’t ask me how to do that, I had to look it up. Once you get there, if you want to continue to get updates, look for the little orange radiating insignia on the main page next to the blue and white F (facebook) link and give it a squish. Also note, new email address. So tired of having to spell and explain elmodraws@cfl.rr.whatevs  (and no it’s not related to tickle me elmo). I’ll still get both but am phasing out elmo.

I’m excited… it’s just a friggin website, ferchrissakes, but it comes at a time of transition in so many ways. I’m looking for the new path in my painting, I’m starting to really enjoy the writing here, cliffnotey though it is, and I just feel a change in the wind. The blog may take a new direction, no longer a place to drop new work, it will be more about the process and the stories. So come on over to the new old larrymoorestudios, have a walk through and let me know what you think. And thanks so much for all the supportive comments.



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Emily and me

This will be my second to last post here, I’m pretty close to launching a brand new website and the blog and all things will be rolled into one website. Next post will be to let any of you who actually read this stuff know what the deal will be. If you are a subscriber you’ll just have to resubscribe from my website. Since I will be able to post new work to the new site more easily, the blog will become something else. Maybe more about the life of an artist, or things that I’ve experienced. For example….

I first met Emily in the spring of 2005 in a big mixed use marina called Moss Landing during the Carmel Arts Festival. She was a good lookin thing, nice lines, kinda middle aged and for the life of me I could not tell you what kind of boat she is. I don’t know boats, but I know I like painting them. I stumbled on this little scene and right away knew that it was going to work, it was already set up. Many times I will look for way too long until I get the “ping”,  just sort of a visceral response that says “paint this”.  In the process of working on this one, a guy came up and was looking over my shoulder, he pointed to the green and yellow and white boat and said, “I just bought her”. He proceeded to tell me he knew nothing about boats but decided to buy this one anyway and sail it from Hawaii and he went on to say that he nearly died in a big storm on the sail over. Dumbass.

Fast forward a year and I’m back at the same spot. And, there she is. Up “on the hard”, I’m not making that up, that’s what they call it. Emily sat patiently as I started this one but halfway through the marine layer blew off and the sun came out and I had to come back the next morning. No biggie, she wasn’t going anywhere. I show up bright and early and somehow somebody levitated a big old Lays Potato Chip box truck right in front of the boat. No clue how they got it there. Fortunately I had the drawing in so I moved from one side of the truck to the other to get all the colors and values. It worked out okay.One more year later, I’m right back in the same place hoping to find my girl. I figured surely she would have moved on by now but after a little looking around, I found Miss Emily in the same place I had found her originally. I talked to the owner again as I painted and he explained that he had burned all his money working on this boat for three years and was sort of done with the whole thing and hoping to sell Emily to some other unknowing schmuck. I think the moral here is… don’t buy a boat. Or never get involved with a girl named Emily sporting a green top and a yellow waistband and a white dress.

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The 5th element

As painters of the natural realm we utilize several important tools; design, shape, color, value (plus a few others) but there’s another element in the artists repertoire, surface. Some artists go for the smooth as glass look, it brings a kind of mystery to how the piece was created. No foot prints. I like to see the hand of the artist, see the marks and the knots of paint, be able to run my fingers over the paint (if it’s mine) and feel the texture. Some will really play this up by adding a thickener to the paint or by loading the brush with a palette knife in order to get big lumps of gooey paint to come off the brush.

I’ve started a new series of bigger pieces for the people who still have large houses with large walls. This one is 48″x60″, not the biggest piece I’ve done but big enough. To get the paint to build up I incorporated every trick and device I could drum up. Big cheap brushes, palette knives to load or scrape or blend. I like this one, it’s got a thing and so far anyone who has walked in has liked it too. I have a few other canvases that are bigger, 60×70 and I’m looking forward to slathering gobs of paint on them. In order to do that though I’m ordering quarts of paint so that I’m not burning through expensive big tubes. I haven’t figured out the frame thing yet… I have two galleries that are good with the gallery wrapped canvas idea of presentation.

And in other news… I’m working on a new website, brand spankin new from top to bottom with a lot of fresh work and some old favs. Most of the older work is going away. Movin forward. And the blog will now be attached to the site so it’s one stop viewing. Haven’t figured out if the 4 or 5 of you with subscriptions will have to re-up or not yet. Should launch in the next week.

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